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On the big departure day, I think that it’s a good idea to use a stomach baby carrier. Mom and dad can carry the baby while waiting to board. You will have your hands free for luggage, airline tickets, etc. The baby also likes sleeping with your warmth.

Most of the time you can preboard with your baby so that you can get seated comfortably. Your baby can sit on you during the trip if they are less than two years old. Some parents bring a car seat and book an additional seat to travel with their baby safely.

You need to dress your baby according to the temperature in the plane, as it is usually cooler. Additionally, don’t forget that products you bring on to the plane to care for your baby need to respect regulatory measures – 100 ml or less (ex.: zinc cream for your baby’s bottom, etc.). Your diaper bag is your best friend. Make sure you have everything you need: diapers, cleaning cloths, pacifier, bottle if needed, change of clothes, snacks if they eat, toys and reassuring objects for when they sleep, and disposable bags that can be used for garbage and trap odours.

Breastfeeding during the trip is ideal because it helps protect the baby due to the mother’s antibodies. Additionally, sucking (on the breast or bottle) can help the baby on takeoff and landing. It will reduce pain or buzzing caused by the change of pressure in their ears. Sucking and swallowing have a beneficial effect on the uncomfortable sensation. Before departure, it’s strongly suggested that you clear the baby’s respiratory tract with Hydrasens (or other saline solution) and nose pump.

Don’t forget sunscreen and mosquito repellant for your baby, even if they are under six months of age. Please read my article Sunscreen or no? for more details. Also, you have to protect your baby from mosquito bites, so cover them with a light blanket or dress them in long clothing.

Return from your Trip

When you return home, you should keep an eye out for persistent fever or other symptoms that don’t seem normal. For a very young baby, you should go to the doctor if this occurs.

I think I have provided you with some great practical advice to help you prepare for and then experience your family trip under the best possible conditions.

Here is a mobile application that can help you during your travel in Canadian airports – Breeze Through Security.

Bon voyage everyone!

The Baby Expert

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