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Here’s some advice from our painting pros:

  • Even if water-based products are permitted during pregnancy, always wear a mask and gloves to avoid skin contact. Skin is more sensitive during pregnancy;
  •  Also avoid sanding painted surfaces which could contain lead-based products (regulations to eliminate lead in paint only date from the 1950s);
  • Always ensure adequate air circulation when applying paints or stains year-round.

Please visit the pros at Peintures de Armond for more advice!
Adress : 800, rue du Conseil, Sherbrooke (J1G 1L2)
Telephone : 819 569‑7095; Fax : 819 564-0574
Website :

Photo - équipe les Peintures de Armond inc.

To learn about products you can use during pregnancy, read Cleaning Products During Pregnancy.

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