There’s help for fathers too!

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To better understand the signs of depression and fathers, read Signs of Depression and Future or New Fathers.

Pour mieux déceler les symptômes de dépression chez le papa, voir le billet Les signes de dépression chez le futur ou le nouveau père.

Even if you think you are ready to welcome your child, you always need to adapt, both for mothers and fathers.

A diagnosis of paternal depression during the perinatal period is known by health professionals, and there are resources available to help fathers and to work with them during this particular life stage. You should never wait to use them until you are at a tipping point! 

If a father doesn’t get help, the symptoms can aggravate over time and lead to serious health issues, problems with the rest of the family and friends and work issues. Your ability to build a strong relationship with your partner and child can suffer.

Accept help from friends and family, be open and mature and ask for help to get over your suffering. See your doctor or health professional for a diagnosis. You can take psychotherapy, go to community support groups for fathers, or meditate.

Don’t be scared of asking for help, and rely on your family. Make this experience a learning one to build a better future. 

Fathers, you are critical in the preparation process for becoming parents, and I hope that what I am saying reaches you, even if I am a woman. 

To learn more about perinatal depression, please watch a video I filmed with an expert psychologist (link).

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