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Do you need a nursing bra? You don’t have to buy this type of bra, because bras are part of cultural practices. However, even if you don’t usually wear a bra, the growth of your breasts and increased weight during pregnancy will likely make you consider getting proper support and increased comfort. That’s why bras are practical but not essential.

We often advise future mothers to buy at least one bra during her pregnancy that adjusts when the baby starts breastfeeding. So you should choose an adjustable bra that will follow changes to your breasts while being compatible with breastfeeding. Sort of a 2 for 1.

A bra that allows you to lower a portion to free one breast at a time while providing adequate support will help the latching technique when you start breastfeeding. If you don’t have a nursing bra, you will have to remove your regular bra and lose your support. Or you will have to raise it around your neck to free the breast for breastfeeding, which can be annoying when the other breast starts leaking milk. Bras becomes an essential component after childbirth because you will often wear them day and night.

What are the benefits of a nursing bra?

There are many benefits. Besides the practical and support benefits it provides, a nursing bra allows for a degree of intimacy and discretion when breastfeeding as you don’t need to reveal the whole breast. The support offered by nursing bras increases comfort and often helps relieve back pain due to the weight of your breasts. They also reduce breast pressure due to the bra’s versatility and adjustments you can make at different times during pregnancy and after childbirth. This will help avoid severe breast compression, stretch marks and mastitis.

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