My name is Amelie, and I am 7-8 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I already feel that my body is not really my own anymore. Many pregnancy pains remind me that there is someone in my tummy, symptoms that I had never felt before. I have to pee every 2 minutes, my breasts are bigger and more sensitive, and I’m constipated. Wow! What a start!

I know this is normal and part of the development process for my baby. My partner thinks I am more emotional than usual, and he’s right, I am. He takes care of me when my blood pressure drops (dizzy, hot flashes, vertigo). He told me he kind of feels useless dealing with what I am experiencing. He also understands that I am not available sexually because I am tired and have nausea, which affects my libido. Anyways, I think he’s scared of making love in case it causes a miscarriage. We know that, theoretically, you can’t lose a baby that way, but he is nonetheless worried. He thinks a lot about the baby’s health and our new life as 3, and he feels a mix of happiness and concern about all these unknowns.

How are you doing my baby? I can now call you my fetus! You have gone from an embryo to a fetus, another stage completed. I think about your growing head, and your little growing arms and legs. Your heart is circulating blood in your little body, and your organs have started to develop – intestines, liver, kidneys, genitals. You are about 1.5 to 2.5 cm long, and you are like a grape seed growing into the size of a strawberry, and you weigh about 2-3 grams.

Talk again shortly!

Here are a few things that can help you at 7-8 weeks of pregnancy:

At this stage of pregnancy, lifestyle habits will help the most. Eat proper meals, regular snacks, rest, more fibre, no tobacco or alcohol.

A good bra will help you comfort your painful breasts. If you are bleeding and there are clots accompanied perhaps by severe cramps in the bottom of your stomach, you should see your health professional for an evaluation.

You should also plan your first medical appointment if you haven’t already done so. To help you with all of these appointments, you can print a free copy of the Pregnancy Booklet (in french).

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to prepare you for what’s coming.



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