My name is Maude, and I have a five-month-old baby. I want to make healthy homemade purées for my baby and was wondering if you have some practical hints for me. This is my first baby, and I have no idea how to make purées. I have heard all sorts of things from my friends or on social media, but I don’t have any full documented information. Can you guide me? Thanks in advance, Maude

Maude, I love your question, because, in reality, purées aren’t part of our normal meal routine! 😊 You’ll see that purées are easy to make. What I like about your question is that there is so much information you need about purées. This includes the choice of food, cooking and blending purées, quality, storage and heating advice, serving them…So I’ve prepared several articles about purées, and I suggest you read them at the following links:

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert

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