Marie, my friend told me that after giving birth to her child, the staff placed the baby directly on her, skin-to-skin. Why?

Placing the baby skin-to-skin with its mother on arrival in the world as many physical and psychological benefits. This is known as Kangaroo Care.

The first link to be created between mother and baby is a very warm one, which allows the newborn to transition into the world safely, to stabilise its temperature quickly due to the body heat given off by the mother (and sometimes the father). We also see the impact it has on stabilising heartbeat and respiration and improve the baby’s vital signs. 

There’s the physical side, yes. But don’t forget the psychological side. Skin-to-skin seems to allow love hormones to secrete in abundance, for example, endorphins, which provide a feeling of profound wellbeing. The baby is often calmer, less stress, and it’s a great way to start to create an attachment with its parents.

The first attempts at breastfeeding often occur during this event. The mother can recognise the signs that the baby is ready to suck, and her prolactin production will be stimulated by skin-to-skin. A baby lying on a new mother also seems to improve her postnatal psychological state and reduce postpartum depression. Please read my article Starting Breastfeeding, where I go into more detail. 

Je vous convie pour la suite à mon billet Ébauche et allaitement où je vous expose le tout de façon plus détaillée.

The father can be skin-to-skin with the baby during the days and weeks following childbirth. Creating a link between the father and baby is essential in establishing a new life with the baby. It’s often seen as a magical moment by fathers, an emotionally intimate and calming link that allows them to show their tenderness. It’s not just cute, it’s good for both fathers and babies. 

Skin-to-skin is a way to hug our baby after birth, warmly and for as long as you want.

Enjoy your hugs!


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