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I finally took the time to do research on today’s topic, which is piercing a baby’s ears. Once again, many of you have asked for information about this procedure to take a decision about when you should do it and how it should be done.

In this article:

First, you should never pierce your baby’s ears before three months. That said, I would add that the ideal time is around five or six months, but it depends on the baby. I’ll explain…

Photo - Quoi savoir avant de percer les oreilles de bébé? Taille du lobe d'oreille de bébé

The size and thickness of a baby’s ear lobe determine if the esthetician will pierce their ear, even if they are six months old. Additionally, they will need space between the baby’s lobe and head/neck to ensure that the post doesn’t hurt the baby after.

That’s why you have to wait for the lobe development to be optimal before piercing their ears.

If you do it too early, and your baby’s lobe growth changes, if it grows or the opening changes position, it’s not the most esthetical of look.

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