Hello, baby reporting!

Listen, parents, I am in a tight spot here in Mom’s tummy, and I am really looking forward to getting out and stretching my legs. My lungs and nervous system are more mature; my skin is pink; and, luckily, my head is comfortably placed downward towards the bottom of Mom’s pelvis. Watch out! Starting from 36 weeks, I will start adding lots of good fat under my skin, round out and will gain a half pound per week up to 40 weeks. I already weight 2.3-3.5 kg and measure 42-26 cm (18 inches).

With the pregnancy almost at term, your feet are getting big and round Mom. You really don’t have ankles anymore. When you go for your check-up, your blood pressure is a bit high sometimes, probably due to your water retention, so nothing to worry about. They will keep an eye on this. You go for your daily walk, you pee a lot, and have difficulty sleeping because of all the things you are thinking about. Your tummy looks funny as I move around, and you and Dad laugh as I put on a show. I like getting your attention…Dad, I love playing the flashlight game with you, moving the light around Mom’s tummy to see how I react. I can see a whole lot better, so my reactions are quite surprising. I sometimes feel bothered by outside light, because I can see it through Mom’s skin, which has thinned out as the pregnancy progresses. It won’t traumatise me, even if Mom thinks differently. Continue talking to me, rubbing me, and I like the attention!

Practical Advice:

  • During your 36 week visit, your caregiver will ensure that the baby is placed head first in your pelvis. If they think that it’s in a breech position (4% of pregnancies), meaning buttocks first, the doctor might suggest another ultrasound and then a version if breech is confirmed. A version is a technique used to try to turn the baby around externally. Version success rates are between 40% and 50%.
  • At this stage of pregnancy, the mother’s cervix has already started to efface, dilate, especially for mothers who have already given birth. For new mothers this happens more slowly given the cervix muscle is more toned given it hasn’t had to dilate before.
  • Girls, it’s time to shop for a breastfeeding bra or camisole. You need to choose one that is comfortable with good support. Many boutiques and department stores can advise you to help make a choice based on your needs.
  • If your hands are swelling up, some friendly advice – remove your rings, so we don’t have to cut them off during your hospital stay.

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to prepare you for what’s coming:


Educational articles:

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