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Question from a mother: Hello, my baby is 13 days old and already has colic after breastfeeding. My milk flow is pretty strong, a powerful ejection reflex, and the baby has difficulty burping. I eliminated dairy products from my diet, which seems to have helped reduce the colic, but not much. Some have told me to use a pacifier to reduce colic, but I haven’t started yet. What should I do? Thanks!

Answer: Strong ejection reflex during breastfeeding can increase your baby’s stomach pain as they have to swallow faster. Also, if you produce a lot of milk, you should give them one breast at a time to stabilise the production and reduce the ejection reflex into the baby’s mouth. The baby will have less reflux as this is often caused by a strong flow which leads to bloating. So, this can help reduce your baby’s colic and improve the situation. For the pacifier, if your baby has reflux, it will certainly help. If you would like to learn when to give your baby a pacifier to avoid impacting your breastfeeding, please read my article about pacifiers and nipples.


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