My name is Marika, and I am halfway through my pregnancy. Time is going pretty fast, and I am very excited at the idea that we will have a little one in our lives.

My 20-week ultrasound is planned for next week, and I am looking forward to knowing if you are a boy or a girl, and finally seeing you since this is my first ultrasound. I have more energy and have started buying things to take care of you.

My weight is changing, as is my posture. I have more back pain, but I am not worried as I can adapt. I’ve had a few brown spots appear on my face. This is called a pregnancy mask, and I also have this darker pigmentation on my nipples and areolas. The uterus fundus is now at my belly button, so you are developing well it seems. Theoretically, the fundus should be at the belly button at 20 weeks. At 16 weeks it’s found between the bellybutton and pubic bone, and at 12 weeks, just above the pubic bone. You seem to be growing well, and your heart is beating 130 times a minute!

I can sometimes feel you move, a slight brush of a hand, bubbles that pass, a kick, and I love it! I know that your arms and legs have developed, and you can grab firmly if you want to. Your teeth are developing, and a soft duvet covers your body to maintain your temperature in your oasis. This is called lanugo. You measure 21-25 cm long, and you might weigh up to 500 grams, like a pound of butter.

Your dad has to learn to handle the mother I’m becoming. Sometimes I think he sees me more as a mother than a lover. I feel that he’s uncomfortable with my growing tummy with you inside. We talked about it because I want to remain attractive to your father and maintain our close bond. Effective communications solve many problems.

Practical Advice:

  • Mom, you need to drink water before your ultrasound because a full bladder helps push on the uterus and its contents to take better images and measurements;
  • Don’t forget to use SPF 30 sunscreen to limit brown spots;
  • Protect your back by wearing comfortable shoes that aren’t too high because your centre of balance is changing. Your protruding tummy makes it easier to fall.

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to help you prepare for what’s coming.



Talk soon,

The Baby Expert

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